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Re-Defining The Family Plumber in St. Louis

What does it mean to be a “family plumber”?

A “family plumber” is someone you can trust. Someone that will follow you – as you grow – and as your family grows. A “family plumber” is the person you call when you’re about to buy your first home and the realtor tells you the waste stack needs to be repaired. We’re the people you call when you move from that cute little bungalow in the south city to that fixer-upper in Fox Park.

We’re the people you call after you have a couple kids and realize the water in your shower isn’t as hot as it used to be and you think you might need a new water heater but aren’t really sure. Then, as those kids grow up, you start to realize that your old plumbing system just can’t seem to handle all the flushes, showers, and baths that it used to. Something isn’t working right with that toilet or that drain but you can’t seem to put your finger on what the problem is. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your son’s toilet or clean out the pop-up assembly in your daughters sink.

Now that your kids have moved out and gone away to college, maybe you’re starting to think about removing those dated fixtures in your kitchen or creating a more modern spacious master bathroom. As you age, maybe you find yourself helping your own parents improve mobility throughout their home with features such as curbless showers, ADA compliant toilets, walk-in bathtubs, and grab bars.

Your “family plumber” is someone you trust and take with you on life’s journeys. Tony LaMartina Plumbing Company wants to be your family plumber.