Our History

Our family has a long history in St. Louis plumbing. The roots of our company originated with Tony’s grandfather, Vincenzo LaMartina, a laborer who emigrated from Italy to St. Louis in the early 1900s. Vincenzo and his brother, Sam, worked for a number of St. Louis plumbers, mainly digging trenches and moving heavy fixtures around job sites. Although he could not read or write in English, Vincenzo eventually went on to start his own company.

Tony’s father, Jim LaMartina, was born in 1927 and became the first of many LaMartinas to become a licensed plumber in St. Louis. The LaMartina Plumbing Company was originally founded by Jim in the 1950s (around the time Tony was born). It was the premier plumbing company back in the day and served as the training grounds for many Master Plumbers operating in St. Louis today—Tony included. Tony joined his father’s company as an apprentice in 1973. He was trained in the old-school way of plumbing, with an emphasis on hand-poured metal, symmetry, and precision.Alien-registration

Carrying on the family tradition established by his grandfather (Vincenzo) and his father (Jim), Tony branched out and started his own plumbing company in 1982. As Founder and President of the Tony LaMartina Plumbing Company, he has continued to provide old-school, high-quality craftsmanship to St. Louis homeowners for over 30 years. Tony has always valued excellent service and made it a priority to be accessible to his customers. He was the first plumber to get a mobile phone back in the 1980s. That level of responsiveness has been maintained over time and has greatly expanded in the last 5 years using online technology.

Today, we are truly a family-owned and operated company. Tony’s son, Matt, came on as General Manager in 2013. Tony’s daughters, Lauren and Lucy, have also joined the team to manage the customer service and accounting aspects of the business. As a family company with a rich history, we continue to provide St. Louis families with quality, professional plumbing services. We strive to make your customer experience as easy, convenient, pleasant, and helpful as possible.

When you call our office, you will more than likely get a LaMartina on the line!

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