Tony LaMartina Plumbing recommended:

Sump Pump & Environmental Monitor

Wi-Fi Based Text Message & Email Alerts.

No App Required.

  • Sump pump high water level
  • Water leak detection
  • Power failure
  • High & low temperature
  • High & low humidity

What’s a sump pump?

Located in the lowest part of your basement or crawlspace, a sump pump pumps water away from your house, keeping your basement dry and protecting your home from costly damages and mold. To learn more about sump pumps, you can check out this blog post on our website.

Even if you already have a sump pump installed, basement flooding may occur in cases of severe flood conditions or if your sump pump isn’t working properly. There are many reasons for sump pump failure, including:

  • Broken or stuck float switch
  • Inadequate unit size for the amount of water present
  • Clogged intake screen
  • Airlock in the sump pump system

What if you could know your home’s sump pump status in real-time?

Let Tony LaMartina Plumbing make your sump pump … smarter!

For about $385, Tony LaMartina Plumbing can install a locally-manufactured, Level Sense Pro – Sump Pump & Environmental Monitor. Contact Tony LaMartina Plumbing today to schedule your installation: 314-965-9377. Visit our Contact Us page or email

With a Level Sense Pro – Sump Pump & Environmental Monitor, you can be alerted via text and email if:

  • Your sump pump fails (ex. broken float switch)
  • Humidity levels rise to mold-friendly conditions
  • Water levels in your sump pit exceed predefined thresholds
  • Temperature fluctuations in your basement exceed high/low thresholds

…and if you prefer, we can email a copy of any system alert to Tony LaMartina Plumbing Company.

Problems with your current sump pump? Need a plumber to run a check on it or maybe replace it?
Give our office a call at 314-965-9377 or visit our Contact Us page to request service.

Scroll down to learn more about the Level Sense Pro – Sump Pump & Environmental Monitor and contact Tony LaMartina Plumbing today to schedule your installation: 314-965-9377. Visit our Contact Us page or email

Level Sense Pro System Monitors

Float Switch

• Detect sump pump failure
• Set defined water level alarm
• Includes quick mount bracket


• Protection from freezing pipes
• Set a safe temperature range
• Integrated sensor inside control


• Avoid mold-prone conditions
• Set a safe humidity range
• Integrated sensor inside control

Power Failure

• Outlet power monitoring
• Avoid costly property damage
• Uses Cloud check-in monitoring

Water Level

• View pump run frequency
• Determine incoming water rate
• Optional - Not used for alarms

Leak Detection

• Alarm before a flood
• Detects pooling water
• Senses water as low as 1/8"

Advanced Features

Alarm Siren

• Configurable audible siren
• 90dB estimated SPL
• Operates on battery backup

Battery Backup

• Lithium Polymer Ion Battery
• Up to 6 hour backup
• Integrated recharging


• IOT smart Wi-Fi device
• Easy WSP or Hotspot setup
• Avoid costly cellular fees

Cloud Monitor

• Check-in based watchdog
• Programmable sample interval
• 99.8% cloud uptime

Text Message Alerts

Alerts delivered directly to your cell phone. Each alert type sends a custom message.  Receive an alert when an issue occurs and once it has been resolved.